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Joz-Bruer Innovative Code Architect Problem Solver Open Souce Enthusiast

Proficient software engineer with a passion for solving complex problems through clean, scalable code and a commitment to continuous learning and innovation.

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Software EngineerLightbox

Accomplished software engineer with a track record of enhancing applications through expert use of TypeScript, backend API integrations, and performance optimization. Proven success in collaborative projects, including spearheading the development of Lightbox's cutting-edge application using React and TypeScript. Adept at code reviews, process enhancements, and staying updated with the latest web development trends.


Frontend EngineerInfopool, LLC

Dynamic software engineer known for crafting user-centric, scalable components in ReactJS (Typescript) and SASS. Expertise in creating mobile-friendly designs that enhance accessibility and engagement. Proven track record of feature implementation and adept bug fixing, culminating in heightened product value and seamless user experiences. Demonstrated problem-solving acumen in addressing complex technical challenges for improved website performance and functionality.


Frontend Engineer

Quench Poverty

I accomplished several significant career milestones. I played a pivotal role in creating and launching new features and sections, such as the footer and additional pages, which substantially improved the website's functionality and overall user experience. Collaborating closely with the design team, I provided valuable recommendations that led to a more streamlined and user-friendly interface, resulting in a website that was not only intuitive but also visually appealing. Additionally, my proactive approach to bug fixing ensured the website remained functional and error-free, contributing to an enhanced user experience.



BCs. Computer ScienceE.S.I.H

Obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science equipped me with a solid foundation in algorithms, data structures, and software engineering principles. Through rigorous coursework and hands-on projects, I honed my proficiency in various programming languages and gained valuable experience in system design and development. This education has been instrumental in my journey as a software engineer, enabling me to tackle complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions.


Ass. Business Adm.E.S.I.H

My Associate's degree in Business Management has been a pivotal asset in my career as a software engineer. It endowed me with a solid foundation in organizational structure, leadership, and effective communication. These skills are instrumental in my role as they facilitate seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams, aid in project management, and enable me to comprehend and address client needs effectively. This unique blend of technical expertise and management proficiency allows me to not only develop cutting-edge software but also ensure it aligns seamlessly with organizational objectives.

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